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The auctions!!

Alrighty, the auctions to raise moneys for poor Sparrow's computer are underway! They'll last for 7 days starting tonight (at least I think they will unless I did something wrong x.x ). Computer repairs are around$250, so if I get at least $200 I'll be a very happy lady(as I still feel incrediably terrible about using Brion's computer"¶and I also miss my tablet ;_; ). So yes, the auctions are as follows, if you like something, take a bid on it. I worked really hard on these x.x

EDIT: Just fixed the link to the Lourdes auction. Sorry guys! x.x

Lourdes Meditating on a cliff

L33t_Ninj4 surrounded by enemies

A punk rock Gothgrrl

Nadeira and the Cherry Blossom Tree

Also, because I'm slow, the MR Store is up. It's actually been up for a couple weeks now, but because I got caught up in all this craziness I forgot to mention it. So yes, all you international readers who've been bugging me about tossing some of my convention stuff online"¶.there it is! I told you I'd get it up before the end of August and I did! Go me!

Now that the pimping's all done, lookee the comic! Ain't it purrrty? Wonder what'll happen next!


The comic!

…is up! Late but there, so everyone be happy ^^

Vote incentives will start over next month, because I really want to minimalize the amount of shit I save on Brion’s computer as it’s less crap I have to bring over to reinstall or whatever. Ebay auctions will start in the next couple days, as I’m working on the final piece to be sold.

All is busy on the midwestern front, especially since I start school on the 6th! *runs and hides*

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