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So it turns out the harddrive on the computer is failing now. I backed up my files 2 days before it stopped working, so the only major thing file-wise I’ll lose are the source files (re: the non-web versions) of last Friday’s comic. Unfortunately though, I’d have to reinstall all of my programs (and windows x.x ), again, which would be really irritating. And the basic replacing of harddrive’ll run a little over $200 (because it’s a laptop x.x ).

So I’m considering during the week just setting up a series of Ebay auctions to raise money for repairs. They’ll be full-color original marker pieces, and I’m hoping that if I can get at least $30 a piece I’ll be ok. So yeah, look for those uh….whenever I get another chance to kick Brion of FFXI.



Computer’s acting weird…again. So uh, taking it to the computer guys today, and praying to God it won’t run me over $200, as that’s about all I can afford (and even that’s cutting into textbook money x.x ). Today’s comic was done on Brion’s computer, which blatantly refuses to allow me to install my tablet drivers. But it =works= which is more than I can say for my current machine, so yeah.

What this means for you guys: Comic’ll still update like normal, though it won’t have as much shading/shadowy stuff as it’s really difficult to go from using a Pen-like mouse that’s nice and pressure sensitive to……a mouse. Pretty much hoping to get a new machine for either my birthday or Christmas. So Grandma, Cousin Maddie, if you’re reading, HINT HINT!

*coughs* In any case, my attempts to return to AIM and social activity shall be temporarily halted, however if you need to get a hold of me, my gmail is checked everyday, as is my myspace (simply because the myspace alerts come through gmail).

Finally, apologies to the guys who sent me fanart–I have been keeping it in a starred folder saying “REMEMBER TO PUT THIS UP!", but I feel weird using Brion’s FTP program because I honestly wouldn’t put it past him to change my main page to some sort of lesbian orgy. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, just that well…my Grandma reads my comic x.x So yeah, going to update with fanarts once I get everything fixed (hopefully). If you happen to have fanart of Mystic Rev peoples, feel free to send it because it’ll make me happy. It’ll go into the wonderful starred folder, and make updating the fanart easier and happier. Yay!

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