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Otakon"¶the REPORT!

To tired and too busy to do an actual con report comic for this one, so here's just a regular report (with photos!).

I showed up in Baltimore on Thursday and was greeted by the heatwave that had left Chicago a couple days before. It was like, 100 degrees, 70% humidity, and I was wearing all black. Yaaaay. The wonderful Maverick of the Forums picked me up, and had the fun task of helping me with the luggage (which was heavy x.x ). In any case, the con started on Friday, and lo and behold, Maverick decided to cosplay. It was crazy cool seeing l33t_ninj4 hanging out behind my table, helping me out, bringing me food so I wouldn't starve"good times! Lucky for us, we were directly across from the folks at Mine's Bigger, and spent most of the weekend discussing music and the importance of width vs. legnth (for the record, my banner's bigger). Friday was insane in the sense that I've never sold more merch on a Friday before, and I've never met so many people into the comic! Luckily, after a while, the Dread Pirate Roberts came by to save me from my troubles (gotta love the guys who do as you wish!). On saturday this really sweet guy kept coming by to give me cute little action figures (including this really pretty one of Deedlit from Record of Lodoss War"the manga that pretty much influenced my style. Special thanks to Mav for getting me the character designer's autograph ^^ ), so soon we had a little army of figures hanging out behind the table with Felicia. Here's a cute photo of Felicia posing with some of her new friends. Later in the day, we met a girl cosplaying as"¶.me. Can't say I've ever had the experience of having a clone before, but I can tell you for sure that it was pretty damn cool. I had a photo of us together, but it came out really blurry, so if anyone out there has a photo of us and would like to send it to me, that'd be really cool ^^. In any case, later, her and her friend decided to be adwhores! I was starting to worry that there wouldn't be a whore for Otakon, but luckily they appeared and kept the record going (4 conventions in a row now!). When I managed to escape the table for a little while, I got the chance to hang out with Hawk and Ananth, Dave and Beth, Garth and Larom, and I even got to bother Mookie for a little while. It was fun! But yes, the reader response at Otakon was AMAZING! I have never been approached by so many people that've read Mystic Rev"¶ever! At one point I had a crowd! Totally made me feel all popular and awesome and everything, so thanks to everyone who stopped by!

Shout outs, thank-yous, and props to: Maverick, Andy, Chu, and Ross for helping out behind the table and getting me food and stuff, Mav and Katie for cosplaying as peoples from the MR universe (+10 for all cosplayers!!!), the guy who gave us the cute little capcom figures and all the other assorted figurines (the cat still hasn't stopped amusing us XD ), Mookie for letting me bother him, Garth for having a place to hang out at when I was bored, Dave for being a sweetheart, Beth for the Sailor Saturn sketch, Hawk for the Eve sketch, Ananth for keeping Eve in the story, and another big props to Mav for getting me the signature of the Record of Lodoss War guy (if I was smart I woulda brought one of the Grey Witch Graphic novels with me"¶because even though he didn't have a part in the manga, that's what the OVA's based off of, so yeah x.x ). Also thanks to everyone who stopped by to boost my ego, as well as those who grabbed my ghetto-fabulous business cards. Good times, and I'm definitely coming back next year! ^^

EDIT: Fixed the link to include Beth’s personal art site. Check out her art. Visit the link. It is sexy.

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