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Smooth getaway

Selling out

*sighs*. I have a myspace now. I feel really dirty….

In other news, vote people! There are still incentives (and more to be added!), so lets try to get back to the 20s! ^^


Chapter 12!

Once again, sorry about the delay in getting the page to you guys, but because of the level of detail, I really wanted it to come out looking good. The art came out kinda rushed (as I really tried my hardest to get it done before I left x.x), but overall I’m pretty happy with it. I’m really fascinated by the whole “Gothic Lolita” craze going on in Japan–not necessarily as something I could see myself wearing, but something that’s insanely incrediably fun to draw (as frills are fun!). So yes, that’s why I enjoy doing weird chapter covers, because it gives me a chance to draw the characters in a new and interesting interpretation.

That aside, I’ll try to get the Otakon report and Con Comic up Thursday, but I have a friend coming in from out of town so it may not work out how I hope. At the very worst it’ll be up over the weekend, and I’ll be sure to post updates.

Once again, thanks to everyone who came by! Sparrow’s ego has grown 3 sizes since then! XD



Still in Maryland right now, getting over the effects of Otakon (which was AWESOME!). Will be able to be back in Chicago around 5pm Central time, where I plan to pass out in the wonderful oblivion of sleep (or Katamari Damacy. Whatever’s closest).

In any case, the next page is the start of a new chapter, so I really wanna color it prettily. If it’s not up Tuesday afternoon, then count on it being there Wednesday. Don’t worry though, it’ll be worth it for the prettiness!! ^^



Unfortunately, since I’m returning monday, and I wasn’t able to finish it on Wednesday, Monday’s comic will either be posted late or on Tuesday (unless I get it done over the weekend at Otakon, which seems kinda unlikely.)

Sorry guys! x.x


New desktop!

Forgot to mention that there’s a new wallpaper for the month up! Since August is when people start to go back to school and stuff, I thought it’d be really cute to show the cast in their school uniforms! Donate a least $1 to recieve it!

And wow guys, we’re in the 20s!!! Remember to vote every day so we can stay there!

I leave for Otakon tomorrow! I’m going to try to work my ass off so that way there’ll be an update for not only Friday, but Monday as well–No missed updates! Wish me luck!! Hope to see everyone there at Otakon this weekend! Once again, booth is J02, and I’ve got a treat in that I’ve just gotten a couple =new= prints to sell, really pretty reprints of the mini-comics, and I’m gonna be selling the old vote incentives (in addition to the prints, posters, and pins I normally sell). Will also do commissions for hire, and quick doodles in sketchbooks for free =3

Lastly, if you wish to be an ad whore, see me at the show. I’ll be the cute girl in the fedora!



Yes, so since no one seemed to have any objects to the removal of the template, from now on, MR will be free to run without a set border (technically). Good times!!

Once again, keep voting guys! Let’s see how high we can get ^^


New incentives!

Incentives for August are up! I’ll try to cover the whole month as long as you guys try to get me into the 20s!

For the new readers who are uncertain of what this whole “voting” thing refers to, if you’ll notice under the comic above this post there’s a cute little blue button. Clicking on this button will lead you to a page that asks you to name a character. Since the characters names are on their avatars, this is easy, so you then proceed to the next screen where a lovely sketch of some sort done by yours truly will magically appear. Congratulations, you have voted! This will boost Mystic Rev’s ranking in the list, as well as improve Sparrow’s ego greatly. Both good causes!

In other news, Otakon is 4 days away! For those that’re going, I’ll be at J02, so mark it in your maps =3

In other-other news, I’m sorry I haven’t been on AIM or G-Chat in the past while–Back-to-back-to-back cons makes sparrow incrediably stressed and somewhat crazy, so it’s probably best that she’s gone into temporary communication hermitude. I will start popping back on AIM eventually though. Probably after I cool down from Otakon.

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