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Something new!

Yes, so you may notice something different in today’s comic. Basically, I realized that if I ever wanted a book form of MR, I’d have to cut off all the templates(the things that say the chapter number and copyright info) and then either resize it (which may lead to pixalization) or just redo all the text (as I have the files minus the text saved). So I figured I might as well start trying to do the comics without the template like Megatokyo, Flipside, and scores of other manga-style webcomics do.

It’s kinda nice doing it this way as it cuts a whole step from my work schedule (that is, inputting the correct chapter info into the template, pasting the raw comic in there, and then sending the thing back to Illustrator for text), but if anyone’s against the change, I’ll be posting a poll in the forums later today so you can vote on it (otherwise, just email me to voice your displeasure).

Personally, I also think it’s kinda nice having it this way, as there’s less comic that gets cropped. It’s the exact same size as the other comics, but more of it is taken up by the comic itself. Which is really cool. If I get positive feedback from the change, I’ll start working on getting the other strips in the archives changed out for the minus-template strips. At the very least I’ll be able to fix up some typos =3

In other news, I’ve added a pile of new links to the Links section, so be sure to check ‘em out ^^


The SDCC comic!

A little late, but here it is! Like I said yesterday, Brion and I had a blast at the con, and we can’t wait to go next year ^^

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