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A late, but thorough San Diego Comic-Con report! (con report comic probably coming on Saturday).

This was the first convention where I actually had a pretty, keen and sexy MR banner (a fuzzy photo for all those who weren't able to swing by). I was really proud of how it came out"took forever to color simply because it takes the comp a little while for it to register that something happened on the 6 ft tall image x.x In any case, we spent the whole plane ride playing Rummy, which is my new favorite non-poker card game. Arriving in San Diego on Sunday, we were treated to a lovely dinner by my friend John and his lovely wife and family. After that, since we had about 3 days before the con, we mostly just hung out in our hotel and wandered about the city. The weather was unnaturally hot for San Diego, but since it was cooler than the 97 degrees we left behind in Chicago we really didn't care.

In any case, once the con started, we found that we had been upgraded from the dinky ironing board tables in the Small Press section to the real-sized table in the little exhibitor area (it even came with a curtain!). So yeah, it was a major √Ę‚¨Ňbank error in your favor√Ę‚¨? moment, and made us uber-happy to have a spot to stretch our legs. Here's a sexy photo of me chillin out by the table, and here's a photo of Brion chillin out next to me. Next to us were a couple of really cool toy salesmen, and they set up this Batman to scowl at us from above, intimidating us into working hard x.x

While there, I had scored some cookies from the uber-delicious Cafe 222. So I was happily snacking away on one when Brion suddenly stole stole it! I got it back later"¶half gone. But he bought me another one the next day, so I was happy ^^

Thanks to the wonderful Wendy (+10 for alliteration!), we managed to not starve during the convention. Wendy even went as far as to point the out to our table in Bolivia. So here's to you, Wendy. Here she is modeling one of the MR flyers in an act of whordom. Thanks a lot, kiddo ^^

Oh! I went to see Sam Jackson talk about Snakes on a plane! It was crazy cuz they had live snakes on the stage, including a 20 ft. long anaconda (Get that mother@!#$ing snake off the stage!). Unfortunately, I don't have any actual photos of Sam Jackson because I was too busy taking little mini-movies on my camera just so I would always be able to look back on all the cool things Sam Jackson said. Maybe I'll upload them to U-tube later so everyone may witness the cool things Sam Jackson said.

In other news, here's my link list for the people I spoke too and hung out with:
"Garth from Comedity (Long live the panther porn of Phil Folio x.x ).
"Ananth and Hawk of Applegeeks

"Scott Kurtz of PvP PvP
"Joe from Alpha Shade
"Dirk of Paradigm Shift (I hope I'm spelling that right"¶)
"Fred and Sarah of Megatokyo
"And some other people who I might have forgotten to link, in which case I am sorry x.x

Lastly, I finally found my Holy Grail. THE LITTLE FELICIA FIGURINE!(yes, that is the MR script for the next chapter. Good luck trying to read it ). I was starting to give up hope on finding one, but lo and behold, I found her 3 tables away. Right now she's hanging out by my computer, but once the poker games start up again, she'll accompany me as my card protector (the thing that sits on your cards so the dealer doesn't accidently take your hand into the discard pile). So it happened to be a very good Convention.

Already signed up for next year too, so be sure to swing by!



Yes, I know I still haven’t reported about the SDCC, but to my credit, Otakon is coming up really quickly and I need to be ready!! My officially official table assignment will be J02. I’ll have bunches of MR swag including brand new prints to be sold over at the con, so be sure to swing by! Also, there’ll be a special “guest” with me, so there’s extra incentive to stop by! ^^

Seeya there! ^^

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