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Just another piece...

Before I forget

I will be attending Otakon. So be sure to swing by, gonna try to have some new stuff since I sold outta a pile of stuff at the San Diego Comic Con ^^

Plans are to make new prints of some of the newer pieces (Like the sexy Geisha Gothgirl, the battleworn Ninja, and the pissed off Lourdes). Also, going to reprint the mini-comics of Chapters 4 and 3 with new color covers (though there’re still about 5 copies or so of the original grayscale version of book 3 for those who dig First Editions and stuff).

Ideally, when I get back from Otakon, my goal is to have all this stuff available in a store section, so that way all you non-US readers (and those US readers who happen to be nowhere near the cons I go to) can get a chance to pick up MR swag. Also going to be formally selling old vote incentive sketches–Request a character with your payment, and I’ll dig through the pile and find one of said character. It makes for good times!

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