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Faint hope

By the time you read this…

…I’ll be in San Diego! Comic-Con is this week, and since we’re staying the whooooooole week, that means Wednesday and Friday are guest strip days! Yay! Also, I’m gonna try my best to mooch internets somewhere so I can update the news post and keep you guys updated on…well….news X.x

In other news, Brion of Flipside fame will be sharing a table with me, and he’s got graphic novel versions of Flipside now! They look really great, and since I helped out with the layout design and stuff, Mystic Rev readers should definitely check ‘em out (of course Flipside IS a great comic all in itself…). I’ll be selling MR prints, pins and mini comics, so be sure to swing by the table. We’ll be at booth D12 in the Small Press area, and you’ll be able to recognize me by not only my fedora, but the Bigass Mystic Rev Banner standing behind me. YAY!

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