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Forum link has been updated, so be sure to join or re-join!

Also, the vote incentives for the rest of the month’ll be the commissions from Connecticon! Will update the incentives in a couple minutes, so starting tomorrow, there’ll be new incentives. So be sure to vote! I wanna keep us in the 30s! ^^


Connecticon: THE REPORT!

Just like the con report said, once we arrived we found ourselves totally stranded and without a room. Basically, we weren’t able to get a hold of them, and when we checked the Mariot, we found they not only weren’t checked in, but that they didn’t even have a reservation. Luckily, we found this super-awesome kid named Colby who had a room at the Hilton and was willing to share with us poor, standed webcomic artists. The Hilton people, however, weren’t as nice and said we couldn’t stay due to liability issues or something x.x So back to the Marriot we went (as that’s the closest hotel to the center), and just made a plan to sleep in the lounge area for the rest of the night until we could figure something out in the morning. There, we found Caytlin, Jarrod, Derrick, and Jordan who were in a similar, stranded situation. Their problem was simply that they needed someone who was 21 to check in, and hey, Brion’s over 21, so in exchange for letting them check in, we got a bed! All we had to do is stay up til 5 am for check-in time, which was made easy by the pack of playing cards I make sure to bring with me everywhere ^^

Friday was kinda crazy. Got about 2 hours of sleep due to the whole room thing, but coffee made everything A-OK. Got the table
set up at around 9 or so, while Brion was placed next to me ^^. Everything was going all well and good until, Zoinks! There’s a girl under that table! Sure enough it was Michele, our lovely table mate.

Turns out there was another convention going on downstairs. The Northeastern Hunting and Fishing Expo or something like that–Check out the ‘normal people’ standing in line. Later on one of those guys came to the con and started harassing poor Michele and her co-artist Penny. Something about wanting to make a video game…despite knowing nothing about games and hating to play them. Eventually Brion shoo’ed him away, but he left giving Brion this really vague and creepy threat.

I also got to meet Hawk, and we got to hang out with Dave Lister. It was awesome! (Though I wasn’t quite as fangirly as I am in the con-comic ^^). Here’s a cute photo of Michele and Penny posing for a photo at the end of a hard day.

Saturday brought me my first ad-whore, our awesome room sharer Jordan! I got to participate in the cool Uber-Webcomic Panel, where I made an uber-ass of myself for not knowing what to say/do x.x Luckily, however, the Dread Pirate Roberts was there to save me! Saturday too I got to meet fans of the comic, and I even acquired more Ad-whores! Saturday also brought piles of awesome costumes from games and webcomics!. I ended up getting tons of commissions and met more way cool people, and I also got to bother poor Dave Lister some more. The stopped by at the end of the day to report a well done day of whoring. Exhausted but happy, Brion and I decided to start packing up, even though he was pretty much glued to the new Death Note manga. After packing up, we went over to the hotel with Dave, Penny, Michele, and the guys from Comedity. Due to our 8 am flight the next day, we couldn’t really stay too long to chill, but it was fun hanging with them anyway.

All in all, despite the initial difficulties and lack of sleep, the ‘Con was a blast. I had a really great time, and I really hope to be able to make it there next year. See everyone at Otakon!



New forums are here. Too tired to relink the forum link now, but if you want to start signing up and switching over, go here. Con report also coming later today as it’s 1:30 now and I’m sleepy x.x


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