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Ballpoint MR 10

No comic today cuz…

No ballpoint comic today cuz…I’M TO BUSY WORKING ON TOMORROW’S REAL COMIC! That’s right, boys and girls, MR returns to its regularly scheduled programming tomorrow!

A big welcome back for Jen’s computer, Bob! *cheers*

Big newspost tomorrow too–all about conventions.

Thanks to everyone for their love and support! ^^



W00t! The comic returns!! So yes, thanks to EVERYONE for their support, for putting up with the ballpoints, and everything else. The comic is BACK and will continue to update on its regular schedule (Monday-Wednesday-Friday). I hope to get the new forums up within the week, and will post an official announcement about them…whenever I get done with it x.x

But major business here: Connecticon is fastly approaching! It’s approaching so fastly I don’t have the time to check if I’m using “fastly” in its gramatically correct context! But yes, I will be there, in the artist’s alley place with all the other favorite webcomic people, so please feel free to stop by and say hi! I’m not sure if I’m doing any panels or whatever, but here’s what I know I’ll be doing:

The Uber Webcomic Panel. I will be one webcomic artist among the hourdes of others, so be sure to swing by and see the madness! And there will be madness…unless they lie….

The Webcomic Artist Auction! I consider myself a fun person to be around, and this “guests and staffer after-party” promises free food! So at the cost of whatever you wanna donate to charity (always a good thing), you can hang out with me and score free food! w00t!

The Webcomic Challenge! Team MR is going to compete in the ultimate challenge of webcomic-skill…or something…for…justice….yeah (actually, we wanna try to take the title from Ctrl+Alt+Del…YOU’RE GOING DOWN SUCKAH! ). It’s basically a series of random challenges from video games to board games, to nerd trivia! If any of these things sounds up your alley, feel free to email me about joining up. Warning: this is ONLY if you are going to actually be attending the convention. In any case, it makes to be a fun, happy, and jovial time! Yahoo!

So yeah, this one’s for the east coasterlings who can’t make it to these local Chicago-area shows! But don’t worry West Coasterings! The San Diego Comic Con is coming up soon as well! ISN’T THAT EXCITING! And East coasters, never fear, because I will be returning to you in August for Otakon, a fun and exciting adventure! And then after that, it’s back to my hometown for The Reactor for local goodness. And yeah, that’s my con schedule for the rest of 2006. What does 2007 bring? WHO KNOWS?!!

…Yeah…I’m gonna get off the sugar now, I swear x.x



So sorry!!! I guess that windows XP doesn’t take kindly to new hardware being installed or something, so it basically claimed my copy of windows was invalid and wouldn’t let me open any programs or documents. Nevertheless, the guy’s fixing it for free and I should get it back tomorrow afternoon. So comic on Wednesday! So sorry guys x.x

I’ll work on a ballpoint strip for tomorrow–today we’re unpacking more of my crap x.x


Blegh X\

Turns out it IS a motherboard problem, but luckily, the place we went to stocks HP parts, so my compy will return safely on monday. What does this mean for you? It means a ballpoint comic in the morning, and if I get my computer back soon enough, a normal comic in the afternoon! ISN’T THAT AWESOME?!

Because yeah, I’m really anxious about returning MR to its normal schedule. It’s nice to have breaks and all, but there’s only so long you can do…nothing before it gets boring x.x



Savagesparrow.com returns in full glory! Which means the incentives are back, too! I’ll have to repost some on the ones that were missed (as I’m fairly certain I don’t have the whole month covered), but it’s nice to know that they’re back! Also, if you care to look at a very limited sampling of some of my art from high school (or my commission info), then check out (a href="http://www.savagesparrow.com">savagesparrow.com (yay for shameless plugs!)

I really need to redesign that site though… x.x




Yes, so to recap yesterday’s newspost, I moved outta my mom’s house and am now settled at my new place. It was kinda crazy, but everything’s worked out for the best now, so I’m pretty happy.

The computer should be fixed on Saturday, or at the very latest, Monday, as we dropped it off at the local guys’ place yesterday. Since they fix their stuff in shop and don’t go through all the weird protocols and stuff that Best Buy does, they expect to get it done in a day or two. Which is how things should be, dammit!

In other news, I sent an emergency ticket to my hosting company for savagesparrow.com (the other one was kinda a “Hey..uh..what gives with my domain? Get back to me when you can x.x ” ), and they’re supposed to respond to those things within a day or two, so hopefully they can get the site back up and running so there’ll be more vote incentives and a place to find my commission info! (yeah, I know, shameless plug XD ).

Speaking of savagesparrow.com though, I really need to redesign it. I don’t really like the way the thumbnails are set up (especially as far as the logos go and stuff), so I need to fix that. I also wanna change the overall layout of the site as I’m bored with it now.

New forums will appear as soon as I get my compy back, and they’ll be newer and keener than ever! It’ll be RAD! Yeah, I said rad, that’s right.

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