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Ballpoint MR #9


Yeah, so basically, there isn’t any comic today because yesterday I moved out of my house. It was kinda a weird, unplanned thing, but everything’s fine now and I’m all settled in (well, not quite, we have more stuff to put away still ^^) with my new place. So yeah, no comic today since we gotta finish putting my crap away.

In any case, my computer was taken to the local guys today, and they expect to give it back to me saturday, though it’d be monday by the latest. Soooo, I’m saying there’s a decent shot that if I get it back saturday I’ll have a REGULAR comic up monday. So then we can return to happy things!

Also, the new forums should come with the return of my computer, as all we’re waiting for is me to make some keen graphics. Sorry for the delay! ^^

Still no word from my savagesparrow.com server (the one that hosts the vote incentives). They billed me for the quarter, and once I sort through the papers and stuff I retrieved from my mom’s house I’ll log into my account and see what’s going on. It’s kinda odd though that they haven’t responded to my email. If worse comes to worse I’ll give ‘em a call.


Comic to be late

Had some family stuff to participate in yesterday, so today’s comic will be posted sometime in the afternoon ^^

Unfortunately, despite the service tech PROMISING me that my computer would return to the store tomorrow, it actually won’t be available for pick up until Friday. And since they have a really lame policy that says customers can’t pick up their machines themselves, I gotta wait til it’s shipped, and they don’t do rush orders. So chances are monday/tuesday I’ll get my computer all fixed and happy (since the local place is closed on the weekends), so we’ll have a comic for Wednesday. Sorry about that ;_;


Bad Buy

Yeah, so basically, I was told that Thursday(last thursday) I would recieve a call telling me what was up with the computer, how much it was gonna cost, and when I could get it back. Lo and behold it’s Monday, and no call. So I call them, and apparently they have a queue, so they wouldn’t be able to LOOK at it until next week. How long it would take to fix could not be determined. Needless to say, I did not have a positive outlook that I’d get my computer back before July. Seeing as I don’t wish to make you readers (and new Alpha Shade readers!) suffer by forcing more Ballpoint MR down your throats, I decided to have them send my computer BACK. So I’m getting it tomorrow, and I contacted a local place that helped out Brion and his computer, and this guy said he could have it back to me in a day or two. Considering my experience thus far with Best Buy (Note: This is my first time actually going to a shop to get a computer fixed, as with my old PC I’d fix it myself or have a friend help out), I’m being liberal with my expectations. However, he assures me that it’ll be done speedily, and understands that this comic and my commissions are my business, and that I cannot produce them properly without my computer.

So yeah, hopefully there’ll be a REAL comic on Friday.

As for you Alpha Shade guys who clicked my ad, skim through the archives and check out the actual comic ^^

Vote incentives are still down though–my server isn’t responding to my emails so I think I’m gonna have to call them tomorrow to find out what’s going on. In any case, try to vote anyway. All it takes is clicking on the little blue TWC button below the comic and saying “Yes!"It makes the Sparrow happy when people vote ^^

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