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Ballpoint MR #8


Yes, I have been playing Final Fantasy IX a bit recently to get over the loss of my computer. Yes, I have made lists of all my weapons and armor so that I may go to cities and buy the ones I don’t have so I can learn new abilities.

Are there better things I could be doing with my time? Yes. But I’ve been making sure to equal out the work with the play. Though it’s kinda hard because for some of my commissions I’m having a little artist’s block ^^; Playing games or watching TV usually helps me work through it though, as usually I end up seeing something interesting and that inspires me to tweak whatever design a certain way so it works out perfectly.

In any case, they told me I should expect a call last thursday, but lo and behold it’s monday and no call. Sooo, I’m gonna call them and see if I can have them speed up the process a bit. MR is my business after all, and it’s kinda hard to maintain a business without a computer when the whole of it is on the interweb and computer dependant.

In any case, I have all of last weeks pages of MR drawn and inked out, so it’ll be nice because whenever I =do= get it back, I’ll have a little buffer for myself so that when Connecticon rolls around we won’t miss any comics ^^

Oh! And sorry for the sketchy vote incentives. My midphase account (the one that hosts the incentives) is temporarily on the fritz. I’ve paid my bills and everything, so I don’t really know what’s going on, but emails have been sent, so hopefully answers will come x.x

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