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Yes, I love poker. We play in a regular game like, once every two weeks (though it’s temporarily on haitus due to the host and hostess moving), and we also love to watch the poker tournements on TV as well as Celebrity Poker.

If you happen to watch any of the major tournements on TV (like the Poker Tour or the World Series), then you are probably familiar with all the weird nicknames that the poker greats have garnered for themselves (for instance, Celebrity Poker’s new host Phil Hellmuth is known as “the Brat"). In any case, I wanted a cool nickname to seriously intimidate the other players at our game. Unfortunately, “Lady Fantastic” is the name SNL’s Amy Poelar(sp?) came up with for herself, though Brion’s turban-head is totally original.

I always play with my fedora on, so maybe I could go by, “The Fedora". It’s lame enough to be cool, and easy enough to remember…..But that’s the thing about nicknames–you can’t really make ‘em up for yourself (even though I made up the whole “savage sparrow” thing. We’re not gonna count that).



Blegh. Word from “the man” at the shop is that apparently it will =get there= on thursday. Then they decide what’s wrong with it, and charge me up the ass again. But I’m hoping (really, really hoping) that I’ll be able to get it by next week.

On the plus side, I have my harddrive files back, so if you feel like donating, I have the wallpapers! YAY!

And like I said the other day, keep voting. We’re slipping down the list! x.x

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