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Tech update

Blah. So I ended up having to pay for them to back up my harddrive, as even though I have the MR stuff backed up (aside from the most recent comics) I didn’t back up my other files–like illustrations for commissions, shirt designs, portfolio fodder, etc. So it was kinda like, “Ok ma’am, now will you please bend over so we can rape you with our insane prices”


So they said that “It may take a week, or it may take 2 weeks, we really don’t know!” I’m hoping it’ll only be a week x.x

On the plus side, I’m going to try to update EVERY DAY with new ballpoint MR comics, since, well, I won’t have the internet to distract me from not getting work done x.x It’ll be kinda nice–maybe I’ll build myself a buffer of comics so I don’t have to worry about working on the comic the day before it gets posted XD Also, I’ll get a chance to work on my commissions! So if you’ve commissioned me so far (and you know who you are) please get back to me so I can send out the payment invoices (as then I can pay for fixing my computer! YAY! ).

In other news, please vote people. We’re slipping down to the 40s and that’s making me sad x.x


Tech problems

Yeah, so my laptop (the machine I do the MR comics on) kinda died yesterday. Well, not “died” perse, but the memory did. Since I don’t know diddly about installing new memory into a laptop, I gotta take it into the shop and deal with their bullshit prices and wait times. So unfortunately, the next =actual= page of MR won’t return for maybe a week or so (note: I haven’t actually taken it into the shop yet, I’m just guessing how long it’ll take by previous experiences).

HOWEVER, I will try to update the site as much as I can via Brion’s computer (the one I’m on right now), because even though he doesn’t have comicworks (the program I use to tone MR) or a tablet driver (the thing I can’t live without), he still has a scanner which means there’ll be BALLPOINT MR for the week! I’m gonna try to put up a new strip every day to make up for the lack of real strips. Hope you enjoy them!

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