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Alright, “Fanart” has been updated! New art by Caleb, Skowl, Scollzero, and Edward. Really awesome stuff here, make sure you check it out. If any other artists out there wanna show off their skillz MR style, send me your art! Also, if anyone makes any MR character look-alikes in any sort of RPG, send me some screenshots and I’ll put them on the site as well ^^

Next, once again, if you live near Athens, Ohio, check out “Silent Valkyrie Comics” for all 4 MR minis (signed and dated! ^^ ). There’s tons of other cool stuff there, so be sure to check ‘em out! ^^

Lastly, still looking for people to join Team Mystic Rev for the webcomic’s challenge dealie. Playing video games and stuff for free all in the name of your favorite webcomic–good times! ^^


MR Swag!

If you happen to live around Athens, Ohio, then make sure to check out “Silent Valkyrie Comics” for some sweet MR swag (as well as various other awesome comics). Unfortunately, they’re not going to be open too much longer, but if you want to get your hands on a copy of some of the MR mini-comics without having to go to one of the random conventions I go to, then check ‘em out! ^^




Unfortunately, the other day the forums were hacked… We managed to unlock the admins from it so everything’s ok, but we’re temporarily locking down the forums until we can figure out a way to prevent future hackings (as this was the 2nd time something like this has happened -_- ).

So yeah, hopefully everything’ll be cool in the next couple days.

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