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The next convention I’ll be going to will be Conneticon! I’m gonna need to ask a couple favors though….

First of all, I’d really like to have someone to help me out at my table since I don’t actually know anyone in Conneticut. Basically, your job would be to watch the table while I’m at a panel, checking out the dealer’s room or taking a bathroom break. It’s pretty boring work, but whoever helps me out’ll get their pick of MR swag and a chance to chill out with their favorite webcomic artist all day! YAY! If this interests you, then please email me!

Next, Conneticon’s got this webcomic challenge thing, and from what I get about it, teams representing their favorite webcomics compete in a variety of events from Halo deathmatches to Nerd Trivia. In any event, it’d be really cool to compete, so I’ll need like, 5-6 people. If anyone’s interested, again, gimme an email so I can register us having a team thing.

Otherwise, be sure to swing by my table and say hi! I’ll post details as to where I am and if I’m on any panels as I get them =3

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