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Where is she?


I had a weird dream the other day where the world of Final Fantasy XI sorta merged with the real world. I mean, it looked exactly like the normal world, exept everyone followed the FFXI jobs and stuff. I was a Red Mage…except I had a Desert Eagle as a weapon. I remember we were in the train going to my dad’s house, and then there was a monster attack, so I casted Fire on it and stuff and my cousin cured me with her mad-cool WHM powers…And then we were at my dad’s house and we were gathering grass and mushrooms for synthing bullets–because ALL bullets are made with grass and mushrooms. In any case, everything was going fine until my cousin remembered that Godzilla, the Notorious Monster, just happened to spawn at the end of my dad’s driveway every 3 hours. Sure enough, he appeared and all I can really remember is my cousin going, “YOU DON’T WANT TO AGGRO GODZILLA!!”

So now I have the desire to put Godzilla in a comic. I think that’d be hi-larious.



I think this is one of the coolest pages I’ve done so far. It was really ungodly hard getting that hand to look right, but I’m happy the way it looks now ^^

In other news…uh…I like cookies? X.x

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