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Acen 2k6 report!

Acen2k6--THE REPORT!

Friday was kinda crazy. I was dumb and procrastinated on my art show stuff, so I was up til 2 am that night and forgot to bring paper in my weird sleepless-fog. Luckily I was able to trade Dirk a tablecloth for some good bristol board, so everything was ok! The morning went by kinda slow, so I started drawing some vote incentives. Later, this really cool guy named Chris came by and volunteered to be the first official Mystic Rev Ad Whore. I thought it'd be cool to deck him out with flyers similar to samurai armor, and later, to complete the effect, he got a really cool hat. Unfortunately, we forgot the Acen people had a policy against signs, but he was still able to get away with it for a couple hours! I ended up meeting a bunch of other cool people Friday, and unloaded a bunch of MR mini-comics on people ^^ Because I didn't really have anything better to do, I entered the Alley's color "Scroll Calibur√Ę‚¨? contest, drawing a sexy Gothgirl on the thing. Once the alley had closed, all us webcomic peoples went out for dinner. It was then that I learned I had accidently left my lights on, so my battery died. However, I carpooled with Brion, and we made it there ok. Dinner was a lot of fun"partying with Dirk, the Studio Antithesis people, Brion, and a bunch of others whose names I couldn't quite catch. I spent most of the dinner talking to Stacie about Mithras in FFXI"effectively out-nerding everyone else at our table. We also learned how to say "banana phone√Ę‚¨? in Chinese! Once dinner was over and we got an effective explanation on how to use jumper cables, we headed back to jump my car. Unfortunately, my car's engine block is totally encased in plastic, so it took us a little while to figure out where we could attach the other cable without exploding. Luckily, today wasn't our day to explode, so I safely made it back home and crashed.

Saturday was craaazy busy. I got a bunch of commissions, sold a lot of books, and met a bunch of awesome people who actually read my webcomic! Chris the ad-whore came back totally decked in Halo technology that lit up and everything. It was cool as hell, though he said the wires hurt his fingers x.x Brion also had a cosplayer this time around, and it was really cool to see Maytag bouncing around in real time! Unfortunately, one of my worst nightmares was walking around as well, but luckily Chun Li was there to protect me! Saturday also saw a lot of food cosplayers"like the couple that was dressed as Chicken and Beef flavored ramen packages. There was also a giant roll of sushi wandering around! I heard there was a big pocky box too, but I wasn't able to find him"¶.I was barely able to get away from my table all day, but it was tons of fun meeting everyone!

Sunday was a tad more subdued, but it was still pretty cool anyway. I did some more commissions, gave my fanart to Carrie Curtis and Piro for linking me last year, and was incrediably pleased to find out my scroll art had made it into the top 5 of the contest. We ended the con at 3, feeling incrediably exhausted but happy. Once again, thanks to all who stopped by, and Peace!



Full con report coming post-crash time.

I had a spiffy-keen time. Thanks to everyone. Hope all had fun and weren’t weirded out by my insane caffiene high. COFFE RULES ALL.

…Me done…


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