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Lookee Lookee, Votee Votee! Incentives return and I got like, half the month covered already! ^^



So my scanner’s acting wonky today, and as a result I haven’t been able to scan any vote incentives today. I’m hoping after running scan programs and stuff it’ll be ok, otherwise, I have a friend who’s going to look it over at Acen. And since this guy’s got uber-l33t skillz, my compy’ll be running like new again, yay! :D


Sorry for delay!

Rydia (my hosting company) was moving their servers across the country or something last night, so they were down for a couple of hours…at night…And since it was already 1 am, I didn’t really feel like waiting any longer so I decided to post the comic when I got up…

Speaking of which, ZOMG! A COMIC!

Jen is officially on summer break, which means she can catch up on all sorts of projects she had to put off whilst in school (namely that one commission for that really cool and incrediably patient person (you know who you are)), so once that’s done, I’ll be accepting other people’s commissions, and I’ll start doing monthly desktops again! YAY!

Also, A-cen is coming up this week. Got soap?

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