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Nearly over the hill


So I’m NEARLY done with my finals (at least, all the finals I gotta take home). Today I write a 20 page paper and a 3 page paper, which is good because it’s not art. Art finals are really hard because the teachers grade extremely hard, so you really gotta work your ass off in order to get a decent grade. They really hold to the idea that "C\” is average…*sigh* I got 2 more in-class finals. Life drawing is coming out well–I’m doing mine with watercolor as I’m really digging using it. The concept’s similar to marker, so it wasn’t too difficult for me to pick up. Oddly enough, the medium’s also more forgiving than other stuffs. Fundamentals has me doing this really huge 2ft thing, but it’s going well and should be done on time. So yay! Good times!

In any case though, it’s nice to have comick’d again! I feel good! YAY!

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