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Yeah, so even though I made a goal to not let finals take over me, they did anyway….

…well, not exactly a final (though there’s a HUGE anatomy final tomorrow ;_; ), but basically, our next-to-final-final project is a group one. Basically, we were given a model, and told to sketch him in different poses and from different spots in the room. This way, we could acquire as many poses as possible to choose from in group form. Once assembled into a group, we pick from the poses we have and place them strategically in some sort of setting. For instance, one of our poses featured to model holding a pole in a really strong stance, so immediately we thought "OMFG! Samurai!\” So yeah, we decided to do a cyberpunk theme, so we made all the models robot ninjas (it’s REALLY fricken’ cool). I decided to do the background, since I figured that was the first thing to be done so I’d have the rest of the week to relax. Jayce was gonna draw the figures, as he’s quite good at figure drawing, and Mike was gonna color the whole damn thing (It’s like, 3 ft x 2.5 ft). Anyway, Mike and Jayce weren’t there tuesday, which was fine, cuz I had to finish the background anyway. Yesterday, Mike wasn’t there, but Jayce worked all class and stayed after to block in the figures, so it Mike wasn’t needed really. However, today, Mike didn’t show up, so Jayce and I had to do the watercolors. What REALLY sucks though is that we don’t have life drawing on Fridays, so even if he did manage to come to school friday, he wouldn’t be able to help us out. Plus, we don’t have his number either…So basically, yesterday I stayed at school til 3:30 (like, an extra hour and half), finishing up the job with Jayce that Mike was =supposed= to do. So yeah, working for 4 hours straight really burns you out so I decided to just do something fun and lighthearted.

But yeah, we’re still not done with the ginormous project so we’re prolly gonna meet over the weekend. It’s funny though because I’m not really mad that Mike hasn’t shown up to do his job, because it’s looking really damn cool. This is the biggest project I have =ever= worked on, and I’m quite pleased at how it’s turning out. Jayce designed some really cool characters, and we’ve got some sweet watercolor on there, so I’m sure we’re gonna get an A. *proud*

In any case though, I gotta study for Anatomy. Wish me luck! ^^

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