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First and foremost, since like, the other post announcing this was quickly swept away by yesterday’s newspost, VOTE INCENTIVES ARE BACK! So vote regularly so we can finish the month in the 30s ^^

Second, Acen is coming up. I’m not sure if I’m going to be doing any panels this year, but if I am, then I’ll post here what my schedule’s gonna be. In any event, the bulk of my time will be spent at my table. This year we got most of the same of what we have last year (as I gotta sell outta the old stuff before I get new stuff ^^), so I’ll have mini-comics of the first 4 chapters, buttons of your favorite characters, prints of my art, and some Lourdes posters. I’ll probably also have a box of old vote incentive sketches looking for homes, so it’s a great way to get a cheap original sketch, and I get to free my folder space. In any event though, be sure to stop by and say hi!

Lastly, school’s coming to an end on the 28th. I’m trying to stay ahead of my work so that way I won’t have to miss any comic deadlines, so hopefully there’ll be no fillers next week ^^ This also means that once school’s out, I’ll be able to fix the random errors on the site page (like the whole Lilly thing on the profile page), as well as add some new content (like all the old guest strips in the "stuff\” section and some con reports), and update the site with new links and fanart (sorry bob-san!!!) So yeah, site updates post-acen ^^


Sorry for filler!

Yeah, spent easter with my dad’s side of the family since brother’s birthday is…uh…today. So yeah, happy birthday to brother and happy easter to everyone else. Good times.

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