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The big 2-00

200 comics. Dizzang. I am SO cool.

I guess I should write something about how cool I am, how MR grew from its humble beginings, etc, etc, but that’s really boring and pretentious so I won’t. Plus, I just got done working on all the make-up projects I had to do whilst I was sick, so I’m tired too. But I’d still like to say that I’m really happy that I made it to 200 comics, and I’d like to give a shout out to all the uber-cool people who read the strip and stick with the weird story turns ^^

In other news, no longer down with the sickness! w00t w00t!


No comic for Monday

Sorry guys. I’ve come down with some mysterious disease–fever, vomitting, coughing up stuff, etc etc, the whole fun happy shebang. I’m on a buncha anti-boiotics and ish, so I hope to get better soon. Sorry again! ^^

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