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Midterms are OVER

And what a relief, too! Now I can sleep! Projects came out ok, but I officially find out the damage on Monday. Really dig the way the Elvis one came out–painted it with a "purple haze\” theme.

In other news, there ARE vote incentives for this month! Voting takes a couple seconds to do, and you get to see a nifty picture! This month\’s full of stuff from art classes, random pictures of the Black Canary (yeah, I don\’t get this one either -_- ), and some poker related ones. So vote! Let\’s get to the top 30 this time around! ^^

Also, Anime Central is coming up soon, so be sure to register and swing by! ^^



Yeah, Midterms are really kicking my ass. The above photo is all the stuff I need to get done….by tomorrow. The topmost one of the model is totally crosshatched (though you can\’t really tell), and I\’m about 47% done. The middle one is a superimposed Elvis impersonator on the CTA (btw, plip, I borrowed some of your photos as reference ^^ ), needs to be painted first in grayscale and then with a translucent wash of some color (I\’m thinking green or orange) and then I gotta do a technique called "scumbling\” which I\’m still not sure how do to properly…That one\’s about 26% done. The bottom one I just gotta touch up the white parts a bit, so it\’s like, 92% done.

So yeah, no comic today, but definitely a comic monday. I love you guys, but I really love passing my classes too ^^

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