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It's official!

I know I should\’ve posted this yesterday but….

It\’s official! WE HAVE MOVED!

First and foremost, a big, big, BIG thanks has to go to mykadragonblue for
making my site easy peasy to update and for dealing with all my dumb questions.

First and foremost, it\’s easier to find individual strips as we have them listed by the single strip in the dropdown, and by the chapter in the archives. The "stuff\” link will eventually include all the old guest strips and convention reports, and feature future convention photos and anything else I feel like putting up there that doesn\’t fit in the other sections. As I said the other day, right now I\’m using the "store\” link as a way to get rid of the old vote incentives, so send me an email if you want any. Also, the fanart works again! So that means send in your art so I can post it! ^^

Lastly, yes, there is a donate button. Pretty much, (though I haven\’t yet), I\’m going to be uploading neato-keen wallpaper images every month as an incentive to donate. Donations help pay for first of all, the site itself, as well as plane tickets to other conventions and ad space for MR. Hopefully I\’ll be able to get it done by tomorrow.

In other news, HAPPY VALENTINE\’S DAY!

And sorry for the lack of incentives, TWC has fscked around with their controls, so it\’s harder to edit errors in what I upload. Hoping to restart the incentives sometime this week =3

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