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Tails rock


Yeah, so I posted the store link. While we technically don\’t have a store, I am selling old vote incentive sketches. So if you\’ve ever wanted original MR art and don\’t feel like coming to a convention to see me, then this thing\’s for you.

The sketches will keep being sold until I run out. A point of order though, is that while I let you request which sketches you want, I reserve the final say-so on what actually gets shipped out (as some sketches are concepts needed for later stories, and some I\’m giving to other people).



The links page should be working, and the fanart page should be totally working again (sorry Eva! ^^). Gonna resize the thumnails in a couple minutes, and then work on the other pages!


getting closer

Art page done!



Chapter 9 and the little bit of 10 posted! All the comics are up! Now I\’ve gotta fiddle around with the archives and other static link pages and then we\’re done!

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