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A Dank Guest Comic

A Dank Guest Comic

Howdy everyone! It’s your friendly neighborhood Philippe Van Lieu, helping Jen post a guest comic in her time of need. This is maybe the… 14th guest comic I’ve done for Jen so far? I’ve honestly lost count… but that’s what friends are for! Friends are for losing count of things.

Anyways, Halloween is around the corner, and what kind of costume will xxGothGrrl666xx wear this time? Is it maybe Rick & Morty related? Or she could take the easy route and be Ahri from League of Legends (they both have… uh… ears). Perhaps GothGrrl will just be lazy, play video games, drink beer, and get her onii-chan to buy her the latest issue of Junpu like Umari-chan? Whatever she ends up choosing, you know it’ll be the dankest costume on the server.

So, I hope you enjoyed this guest comic! In the mean time, be sure to give Jen all your energy to help her get well soon. Until next time!

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