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The battle plan

Awful week of awful

So last week there were no pages!

And the reason for that is because I was diagnosed with strep throat last week and was in a ton of awful, awful pain. At one point I couldn’t breathe out of my mouth because my throat was too swollen! That was…great. And by great I mean not great.

And then, in the middle of the week, I received news that a bunch of really terrible things had happened to people I love. Luckily everything seems kind of ok now that the shock has sort of worn off and everything, but I kind of found out 3 terrible things had happened to 3 different people in the span of about 15 minutes. So it was literally one of those “WHY IS EVERYTHING SUDDENLY ON FIRE?!” scenarios.

So that is basically why I decided to just take the week off and not be on the internet much. It was not a good week.

But now is a new week! Hopefully this will be a better week!

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