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So not a comic, but….

…HOW COOL IS THAT! This photo is courtesy of cosplayerKitty Contreras and her friends! They’re all rocking my super sweet Jojo shirt! And the poses! And the menacing font! Its all so fantastic!

So at this point you may be going “Well, I suppose that’s cool and all, but where’s the comic! Where’s the con comic even?!” And the answer to that is…I chose to stay in a shady hotel for Gencon. There were very few options open that were under $100/night and not egregiously far from the convention center so…I compromised. “I’ve stayed in shady motels before! What could possibly go wrong…?” Well….

So…that’s my drawing hand. And that red spot makes it incredibly painful do do anything with those two fingers…aka the two fingers you need to hold a pencil. So…yeah. The dermatologist said it should go away in another week “probably” but in the meantime I’m just hoping that on Sunday it won’t hurt as much so I can actually make a pretty page. I miss drawing things…!!!

But yeah, Gencon was kind of the best. We managed to get in on D&D 5e where Ashton and I played a Boris and Natasha-style Wizard and Cleric from Icewind Dale. On Saturday, I did my first ever LARP!

We did Vampire: The Masquerade because a friend of ours was the mafia-style Giovanni Don of San Francisco. Only…it turned out that he was in a different version of Mind’s Eye Society that used the 1st edition rules instead of the 2nd edition. Then they messed up everyone’s character sheets so everyone was given bruisers…except…I had made my social character sheet on my ipad which they said I was cool with using. As a result….they all elected me to be the boss. Which was awkward as hell since I’ve never LARP’d before nor played even the tabletop version of V: tM. Additionally, a Giovanni player earlier in the year had murdered two Princes and had to have 180 players gather to take him down. So….that was awesome. But it ended up ok! I shut down a TV station with the power of lawyers! It was great! They also gave me a beautiful special edition of the ruleset for good roleplaying! Everyone was so inanely nice and welcoming! I’m so hyped to try out the Chicago game now! ^^

Finally I got to hang out with the fabulous people at Fantasy Flight Games! Once again, I managed to scrape into the Dark Heresy game by the skin of my teeth! And it was great! I also got introduced to the Star Wars RPGs they put out, so I’m super hyped for all the new RPGs to try!

Overall it was a fantastic experience and I’m extra hyped for next year. Gencon is always my favorite convention to go to of the year, and this was our best year there ever! Thank you so much to everyone who came by, both old fans and new!

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