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Game of Playing the Roles

Guest comic by Michael Plondaya!

Michael is to the rescue again with this awesomely strange RPG comic! We’ve been camping out at brion’s parents’ place while washing all our clothes of poison and letting the place air out of the poison that was in there…unfortunately none of it seems to have worked! Sooo…lots of harping to the landlord to be done, since it seems like they may be coming from the attic or inside the walls or something. Its kind of awful and I live in a nightmare.

But on the plus side, Michael now has .pdfs of his art and journaling on Gumroad, so at least I have something super cool to distract me. In all seriousness, the guy’s stuff is amazing and if you like the strange word pictures he paints with these brief snippets I post on MR, you should really follow his stuff. It is quite excellent. Like a non-box wine.

Since I will be heading back home tomorrow finally, I will be busting my hump to get a page done for Friday while I’m over at Gencon. Swing by and see me, I’ll be sharing a booth with the fine folks at Shark Robot (and Michael will be the enigmatic young man in a pea-green suit).

After Gencon, I am done with cons for a while so I can finally get back to our regularly scheduled story. Once again I really want to apologize for the delays that hit this year–I’ve been dealing with a lot of personal issues and its all been kind of terrible–but I’m finally feeling like I’m in a better place so I can get back to being productive and awesome again. At least, as long as all the freaking moths are eventually done away with -_-;

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