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OMEGA Con comic (SDCC and AX)

Super Con Comic!

Hrrrrghhh…! So tired! But happy to be (sort of) home! As of right now, we’re kinda cleaning allll our laundry (so it doesn’t smell like poison) and Brion just went through cleaning the bedroom top-to-bottom. All remaining food’s been thrown out, so…I dunno. Hopefully that does the trick. I’d post pictures of Moth-gate but its kinda gross.

What =was= cool was being able to post pictures to the Mystic Revolution Facebook Page of the two shows since Brion didn’t need my phone to run credit cards! The last few shows a bunch of people were asking me to get more involved in social media-ey things, and even though it kind of goes against my nature (I’m a weird introverted lurker person), I’m going to do my best to use it to post pics of the cool shit I see at shows at the very least! So yeah, next week is Gencon, so for those of you not going, look forward to cool pictures!

Also, quick aside, I will not be attending Otakon this weekend. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a table this year, and I just forgot to update the con schedule to reflect everything. So I’m really sorry about that. Shark Robot and Level-Up Studios will be selling some of my t-shirt designs in my place, though!

So yeah! Con schenanigans! James and Ashton are wonderful workers who, indeed, go out of their way to one-up each other in…jobliness? Its one of those “good problems” I suppose, since…free dessert rocks =D

This is the rad hat(and the pom-pop cat ear things for the boys). Obviously, one photo does not do the swag of the hat neaaaarly enough justice, but I assure you, it is quite fantastic.

We chose not to room with Shawn for two reasons. One, with james we had 4 people to cram in with Shawn’s own 12 person staff–that seemed pretty damn crowded. And number two, Shawn likes to set his alarms for like, 5 am and then let them keep running until like…7 am when he =actually= gets up. So valuing sleep over cheap, we went with a really nice hotel down the street. It also had the added benefit of being near delicious foodz and not…The Sizzler *shudder*

….The Bobby Flay thing started from Ashton having us watch a marathon of “Beat Bobby Flay” or whatever the show is called. It was kind of a magical moment that drove Brion progressively more and more insane, as apparently, he couldn’t understand the Way of the Fway. IT WAS REALLY FUNNY IF YOU WERE ACTUALLY THERE I SWEAR.

Brion also lost like…30 lbs or so in the last month doing this weird vegan no-salt-no-sugar diet. Basically all he eats are salads with like, apple cider vinaeger, almonds and then black beans sometimes. It seems kind of awful to me, but he enjoys it and, well, the results were super impressive. But…he hasn’t gone clothes shopping, so…without his belt his pants quite literally fall off his body. So it was great in the airport since he held everyone up for a good 5-10 minutes with the belt situation, since…when he took off his belt he needed his hands to hold his pants up…only…they need your hands up for those weird X-ray machines. So it kept going with them trying to get him to roll them up or something while people got more and more mad and the luggage started piling up. They ended up just doing a quick pat down and letting him through, all the while wondering why he bothered to wear pants that big xD

And yes, as I admitted earlier, unfortunately, the Moth Menace still exists. Alas.

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