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Guest Comic - Legendary

A-Kon and RNG!

So this is actually a comic I had in mind way back when I was playing MH 3, and playing MH 4 recently it brought everything back. So I was a big fan of the Switch Axe–a weapon that can transform from an axe to a sword (so cool!) and I had this nifty lightning axe made from this lightning dragon called the Lagiacrus. So the thing is, in order to upgrade the axe and continue along the tree, I needed to get this really rare drop. Now, usually, if you can get something up to a 10% drop rate (by playing with friends, capturing the thing, breaking chunks off the monster’s body before its dead) then it =should= only take 10-20 tries before you get one. I had gone through around 70 of them–solo and multiplayer–before I gave up. Over the course of it all, Brion had gotten three plates, so not only did he get to make a lagiacrus version of the weapon he wanted, but he got to make a second weapon =and= a set of its armor (which looks pretty cool) which he mainly wore just to torment me.

So yeah, not saying killing him and stealing his stuff is justified but…..no court could rule against me! #sorrynotsorry

But why the guest strip in the first place? Because I was recovering from a sickness over the weekend and I am at A-Kon this weekend! I will be at my giant pink castle in the artists’ alley, and I’ll be doing a couple panels too! So yeah, come visit me and check out everything! =D


Guest Comic - Legendary

Howdy! It’s your favorite long-time Mystic Rev Guest Comic artist Nick15 (aka Philippe Van Lieu)! Jen needs to take care of something important today, and so she asked me to fill in for her. So here I am!

Today’s comic is based on a small little adventure I had in an obscure little game called “League of Legends". Ever heard of it? Anyways, there’s been a couple times where I would get some massive long kill streak, only for it to be ruined by someone. The most honorable way to end it is to have some other champion be the one who does the deed, cuz at least they’ll get some massive amounts of coins or something. But the biggest slap to the face I’ve had was when a Minion or tower kill me. But I guess it’s my fault for just standing around like an idiot. ?_?

BTW, sorry for the slightly low quality of this comic. Since it was Sunday, I was busy helping my family with making lunch and dinner, so I was away from my normal art supplies. Fortunately I had my trusty little Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on me, and I was therefore able to crank this page out using S Note and the stylus. Pretty cool, huh? That’s modern technology for you!

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