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Firstly, Friday’s page is in the pipe (5 by 5) so that’s all set to go. There won’t be a page on Monday, however, because I will be at Fanime Con! I’ll be located at the Fanime dealer’s hall and listed under Shark Robot, so look for us there!

Couple random bits of news–We saw Mad Max: Fury Road over the weekend and holy hell, can only describe my reaction as this. Holy moley. This is quite possibly the best action movie to have been released in the last 10-20 years. From the way the stunts look, there have to at least have been no less than twelve people who died making this movie. Its just so nonstop! And there’s so many wonderful explosions! OH WHAT A LOVELY DAY!

So yeah, definitely treat yo’self and see this baby in a theater.

We also saw Age of Ultron which was…alright? Like, to me, the best parts were in the first half hour of the film where its all about the Avengers hanging out, fighting as a team and trying to lift Thor’s hammer. From there it kind of starts feeling more like a movie of plot conveniences rather than like, characters with motivations for doing things. Why does Ultron want to destroy mankind as soon as he’s turned on? Why does he randomly have a wisecracking, James Spader personality (was he programmed to be James Spader or did he learn that in the 3 seconds he surfed the internet for his reason to kill mankind?). Wtf was up with Thor’s random vision quest? Why are they playing tower defense at the end? And why, when playing tower defense, would you abandon the object you’re defending for no real reason? If Black Widow’s ish is being a super spy and flanking and surprise attacks–why give her a glowing Tron suit that makes it so she can’t blend into shadows? Its all wacky and really feels like Whedon just wanted to be done with it as soon as he could.

But things that were cool? Everyone arguing over Thor’s hammer. The mothertruckin’ hulkbuster fight. The train sequence. Hawkeye’s little pep talk ("I’m fighting an army of robots with a bow and arrow–nothing makes sense!"). So disappointment compared to Avengers 1, but not as bad as like….Thor: The Dark World.

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