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Chapter 34: Past Lives

Pax east!!

Aaah! So I’m really sorry I didn’t post sooner, but I took off after doing my taxes for PAX East! Unfortunately I didn’t get to do a whole super lot, but I diiiiiid get to stop by the Monster Hunter Caravan and get some fabulous swag! And they had a lifesize insect glaive in there!! It was so cool!!

Speaking of which, Insect Glaive is totally my favorite weapon from the new game (yes, I’m one of those people); it’s super fun to hop around and throw my bug at people! If you haven’t played a Monster Hunter yet, this one does a much better job of easing you into the world of MH than 3U did (as 3U sort of just dumped everything on you at once), and it finally has online! I love it so much! But I’ve only gotten to rank 5 missions since the only time I can play is when we leave for conventions, alas ;_;

Speaking of, I will be updating the con list shortly! The next shows we are going to are Anime Matsuri and Anime Boston.

Aaaand now I return to my work-work-work existence. Le sigh.

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