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I saved them all

Ohayocon and other news

So firstly, we managed to squeeze ourselves into Ohayocon! It was super awesome meeting all of you–returning fans and hopefully new ones as well! So a couple of stand-out moments:
–We were staying in a ghooooost hotel! All of the artwork on the walls were these weird paintings that were just nothing but “OoooooOOOOooo"s. The carpeting too! It was kind of creepy.
–One guy tried to hustle me by buying a shirt with a crumpled up bill (a $5) but I caught him in the act! Ha HA!
–Everyone was either sold out or didn’t have the Food Wars! manga. So sad ;_;
–Our way home involved traveling through a blizzard which conveniently was right along our route from Columbus to Chicago. So that was awesome. When we got back, we had to spend most of Monday digging ourselves out, but luckily everyone else was doing the same so we had some help from our neighbors.

Finally, I realized that it’s suddenly February! Soooo….I’m getting the book all together! Or at least starting to! So hopefully the kickstarter will be up in the next couple weeks!

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