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Dragana Art!

Page to be late!

This one was a doozy to draw, and itís 3:30 and I havenít finished inking it. Its been redrawn multiple times but Iím pretty happy with the layout now. So itíll be up today, just a bit later!

When the inks are done, I will probably stream the coloring process, so watch this post for more details! =D

EDIT: so now our internet service (the faaaabulous comcast) is down in our area. They said it should be up again by 5-7 pm, so…assuming they are true to their word, expect comic up by then. Sorry about no stream though :(


No comic for today either

Sorry guys!

Good news–Got arm fixed right before everything closed for Christmas/Christmas Eve. So I’m back to being able to grip things like a human and not some weird mitten-person who winces in pain at mitten-holding position.

Bad news–Deciding to take it easy since Christmas Eve/Christmas day was a super busy affair so I wasn’t able to get anything done. But it was a really fun holiday and got some really cool new games! Like Hyperdimension Neptunia! It’s a really cute RPG that parodies the console wars and video game/anime culture in general, and it’s super fun. Also apparently coming to PC soon. I’ve only played like, a little bit beyond the tutorial…but…it’s still pretty fun and hilarious. So I’m stoked to see where it goes!

Finally this song by Hikaru Utada is really pretty.


Dragana arts!

Hello friends!

So yesterday night I must’ve slept on my arm weird or something because I woke up with full on pain in my drawing arm. Spent the majority of the day icing it and stuff so I can feel not-terrible over the weekend.

Anyways, on my deviantART page, I had gotten requests for stand-alone art of Dragana since she had showed up in the comic. So for you guys, here’s an inked version of our lovely lady of epic abs.

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