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Dragon Age: Inquisition AI Good Times Guide!

Birthdays and Inquisitions!

Alrighty! So firstly, my birthday was on saturday and we had a ton of people over and played a game of 11 person Scattergories!Now, for those who’ve never played Scattergories, it is a game whereby you roll a die with a bunch of letters and you have a list of various categories. When the letter is rolled, you have to come up with a word starting with that letter for each category. And for whatever reason, I’m obscenely good at it, to the point where I only get to play it on my birthday because everyone’s afraid to get crushed. BUT. With 11 people, the odds were against me…sooo…I only won by like, 8 pts. BUT IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. And Sunday we had a birthday date which was also fun =3

So tl;dr, birthday celebrations = lack of page. BUT. I did color last Monday’s page. And I did this lil’ comic about Dragon Age: Inqusition.

I’m just about finished with the 2nd act of the story, so I may be like, half through? I’m not entirely sure? But basically, the AI in this game makes me want to pull my hair out. All of the above things happen repeatedly, except for the 2nd instance because I finally disabled the warrior’s charge move and the rogue flippy move because they kept falling off cliffs or getting stuck somewhere.

The first panelset has happened at least 3 times so far, although usually Cass (or Blackwell or Bull) who decides to leave my battle to chase a ram or a fennec or something else small and harmless. They then proceed to aggro half the map getting there, dying all the way wherever they are, leaving me to have to stealth over there to revive them otherwise I can’t leave because it doesn’t auto-teleport your guys if they think you’re in combat.

The final set happens with all the mages. They just reaaaaally like being right in the thick of it with the tanks. No matter how many times you move them and tell them to hold positions, they just insist on wanting to cozy up to the tanks and get charged down by bulls and bears and pride demons and everything else. Because hey, when you’re basically made of paper why wouldn’t you want to melee the giant guy with the hammer.

BUT. Crappy AI aside the game is really fun. Most of the companions are pretty cool, the areas are really big (though like Skyrim they feel kinda padded…), and there’s lots of stuff to do. Since I’m only now seemingly getting into the super meat of the story, I’m not going to hold off on doing a full on review until after I finish off my first playthrough.

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