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Guest Strip: 40k "Larp"

Guest strip by Michael Plondaya!

Alrighty! So at the top of the week–last week–I had gotten a cold, but ignored it because I had so much work to finish! And then lo and behold when I finished my work, I felt all the things I was ignoring and felt awful. The problem is that I have chronic bronchitis, which usually isn’t a problem unless it’s winter (when it gets really dry). Additionally, since our apartment has hardwood floors, it also isn’t a problem unless we sleep over at someone’s place with carpets (as I’m guessing carpets make things dryer..? I dunno) or animals….but it also acts up when I get sick. So I spent my weekend hacking up my lungs and basically being unable to sleep due to coughing attacks, so that kinda put a dent in the whole “Getting better” thing. BUT. I will be ok! I’ve gotten all my work done so I can just chill out and get better. And I have my birthday to look forward to at the end of the month (yay!) as well as Dragon Age 3 this week (double yay!).

But luckily for you guys, I managed to convince(!) my friend Michael into doing this adorable guest strip for me! Michael is known for being one of Shark Robot Dave’s convention assistants, mini-golf savant, and my Gencon RPG bro. Additionally, he does really adorable and slightly unsettling arts, so please follow his tumblr and make your eyes happy.

Additionally, if you haven’t already, please check out Dark Heresy 2nd edition because the Commissars always need fresh bodies excited volunteers to get things done in the grim dark future.

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