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So this spread I figured was too simple to divide into two updates, so I made one giant update right away!

Next, Brion launched a Flipside Kickstarter! You can back book 7 (or get the other books in the series!) and get a bunch of super awesome stuff!

Finally, I’ve been watching a bunch of anime recently. In particular, I’ve really gotten into No Game No Life, Akame Ga Kill and Terror in Resonance.

No Game No Life I may have already talked about–it’s basically about these two super l33t gamers–a brother and sister combo–who can’t really hack it in the real world. They end up beating a god of games at chess, and get sucked into a world where there is no violence allowed–all disputes are solved by games. It’s pretty heavy on the fanservice, but its definitely one of the more beautiful anime out there with its incredibly lovely color palette. The world building in the series is also impressive, as the rules regarding magic according to the various races and how those without magic counter-act it is pretty awesome. The first season is only 10 episodes or so, and it’s all on crunchy roll, so definitely worth checking out!

Akame Ga Kill is a shonen anime/manga about a group of assassins that is fighting against a corrupt ruling state. Though in style and initial tone it looks very much like a lighthearted Soul Eater-style shonen manga, this series gets very dark very fast. Also violent. I would say it’s a cross between Fairy Tail and Blood: The Last Vampire. So be warned those who are squeamish! So far at least, it is pretty cool. The characters are really interesting and have cool powers, and I’m intrigued to see where they’re going with it.

The final one, Terror in Resonance is probably my current favorite of the bunch. It only has a handful of episodes out now, but it is written by the guy who wrote Madoka and Psycho-Pass (two anime which if you haven’t seen now, you really should!). This series is about these two mysterious guys who are terrorists, blowing up chunks of Japan for mysterious reasons. It has rather brilliantly written characters, and each episode is filled with nuance–much like Psycho-Pass in that regard. But because it is a show about terrorists, it is incredibly dark and has many scenes and themes that stretch one’s comfort zone. But. It is really well done and I can’t wait to watch the show unfold its mysteries.

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