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Gencon 2014

Gencon 2014!

OMG that was SO much fun.

Firstly, DND Next was really fun–they did short, one hour little modules and had events where you could earn little things from your secret society–like the Harpers. We all ran with pre-made characters so Ashton was a human noble fighter, nathaniel was a drow cleric, and I was a halfling rogue. Ashton’s character was Tomaiathew Rainbowfish, an incredibly flamboyant super poncey noble guy. My character was more like a new york cable guy– “You want me to disarm dat trap? Well, first we’s gotta negotiate. You got your trap fee, assumed risk fee, parts n’ labor, travel expenses, etc etc". Our DM had a good time rolling with us, and the rest of the party was having fun, too, except for one guy who kind of seemed like he was just there for a more combat-heavy thing. But everyone else was having a bunch of fun so it worked out!

I totally got to fangirl squee again when the FFG Dark Heresy 2 guys came by the booth–especially when I got to show them the materials I made for our current campaign! We also grabbed copies of Dark Heresy Second Edition, which aside from just being a beautiful book, has some really cool new features!

Firstly, for those who don’t know 40k, psykers are basically their versions of wizards…if wizards opened the gateway to hell to use their powers and could accidentally cause everyone’s brains to melt just by trying to light a candle. So for second ed, they kind of made it so that psykers are pretty much guaranteed to do something weird whenever they use their powers. They also add a bonus when they roll for their phenomena so getting into perils of the warp–the aforementioned brain explosions–is also way more likely. Leading to hilarious good times when you have to consider if the enemy or your own party member is more dangerous!

Additionally, they added an “influence” system so that the poorer classes like scum don’t have to worry about being sadly undergeared compared to the party members that’re clerics or tech priests. They also have a “subtlety” stat whereby the GM determines how subtle or not subtle the party is being in regards to the investigation, and then determines the consequence of what happens. For example, if they’re running around going “We’re with the Inquisition, fear us!” then the shadier guys arent’ going to want to talk to them. Conversely, if they try to blend in too much, they may get caught in the crossfires if the planetary governor decides to sweep out all the gangs once and for all. And you can be an Inquisitor now!

Finally, Scott Kurtz was across from our booth with the We Love Fine people. At first, we would overhear him complaining about our set up and mash up designs and stuff–nothing like, genuinely awful, just like, little sarcastic jabs. So we started keeping a tally of all of them, and Ashton came up with the name “Kurtz Hurtz". On the first day we recorded 6, and by day 2 it was at around 13. We were hoping it could get over 30 by the end of the weekend, but then our eyes met from across the aisle and the traffic had died down enough to play some frisbee! Ashton kind of had it get knocked into his head a couple of times–the disk had a wicked curve–but such is a the price of peace!

Overall though great time! We’ll be back next year, too, with a bigger booth! ^^

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