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Otakon 2014 Report!


Oh my god was Otakon busy.

I always have mixed feelings when we’re busy–on the one hand, I’m happy because it means we’re doing well and I can pay my bills for a great while. But on the other hand, I feel awful I can’t talk to the fans who’re there to check out the comic stuff because we have to help the guys in line. So I’m really sorry to those who were really sweet and came to say they dig the story if I was kind of rushed and not as effervescent as I usually am. I do appreciate all of you!!

When I say that it took 40 minutes to move about 5 blocks, that is no exaggeration. The cops blocked off all the cross streets except for a handful, and the traffic for those intersections was backed up for at least a mile if not more. Cops would only let people through when the runners thinned out a bit, so usually only 1-2 cars could get through per gap. In the end, we ended up getting out and walking the last 5 blocks because it seemed incredibly unlikely we’d get through in the ten minutes before the convention opened.

The lovely and talented Erica Mendez stopped by our booth and we gave her the Fight Club shirt. She was such a sweetheart and posed with it so we could post it on facebook later. While I didn’t actually sing don’t lose your waaaay…! as she was leaving, I reallyreallyreally wanted to. But then my brain made the correct decision. Go brain!

Miss Lotion Lady came back with a bigger bucket of goodies! Also she does a really cool webcomic called Moonlight Element. Check it out as it’s a really cool fantasy series done by a really fabulous lady! ^^

Finally, the procedure for leaving the convention center was to basically pack up your booth and then have a staff member come by and make sure your stuff was all packed and ready to go. Then you were issued a ticket, and you’d hand your ticket to the driver of your car who would then get into line for the loading dock where you could eventually drive your car in to pack away all your stuff and leave. Brion decided he would skip helping with the booth tear down by getting in line early for the loading dock…without the ticket. However, he quickly found out that there were Otakon staffers wise to that scam patrolling the line for ticketless-line jumpers. So he kept getting sent back around. Without his help, it took us around 2 hours to tear down the rest of the booth.

His next big plan after I had received the ticket was, rather than get in line proper, to park in front of the con hall and then manually bring all of our boxes and stuff upstairs to the car. By this point, Veronica and I are exhausted from packing up everything and not eating anything, so Brion volunteers to carry everything upstairs. He gets one suitcase in the car before he is told that the front doors to the hall will be closed and locked since the convention is long over.

So at this point, the only way to leave is to actually follow procedure and do what we were supposed to do in the first place. So all in all it took us about 5 hours to leave. Moral of the story: Don’t game the system because it will totally game you first. But hey, Brion got to play a ton of monster hunter while we did all the hard work. So maybe that was his plan all along……..

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