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Mystic Interlude pt 3

Only a daaaay…!

So I only had…yesterday…home before I leave today for Gencon in about an hour from now. On the plus side, Gencon is my favorite convention to go to, and even more so because this year I have Dark Heresy 2 and DnD Next to look forward to! So I’m really excited to just hang out and play some games.

But I will be there over in the dealer’s hall, I think somewhere on the right side of the hall? But I don’t remember our specific booth numbers (never fear though! I will update later today when we find out!)

So con comic from Otakon is being saved for Friday, con comic from gencon will be monday, final filler strip will be next friday, and then the strip will continue as normal! Phew! I will be happy to be home for a great while.

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