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Mystic Interlude pt 1

Blind sparrow

So sort of a bad news/good news thing going on. Basically, the night before we took off for comic con, my glasses kind of broke in half. Unfortunately, the bridge split sort of on the side rather than right down the center, so any attempts to tape them together or use super glue sort of met with awkward failure. So for those of you who don’t know me and those who were not aware I even wore glasses, I am incredibly, incredibly near sighted. At comic con, I had to have Brion let me know when to cross the streets because I couldn’t tell where the walk signs were and the lights themselves were kind of a fuzzy mess. It really sucked.

So the reason I bring this up now is because I can’t really draw anything nor use the computer (I am typing this from my iPad which is about 4 inches from my face) until I get new glasses. But the good news is that they said that they think they can get them to me by Friday afternoon or at least Saturday, so we should be all set for an update Monday. And this time I got a second pair so if the first gets messed up I have a back up now!

I’m really sorry about all this, I hope no one minds too much. But thanks to everyone who visited at sdcc! Luckily I tend to recognize people by voices anyways, so hopefully I didn’t come off too rude to those of you who are regulars x.x

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