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I'm sorry...

Comic Con!

I will be at the San Diego Comic Con this week at booth 1131! Its right on the other side of the webcomics area boundary, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find me and the rest of your favorite webcomics! Can’t wait to see everyone!

So other things! I will not be landing back in Chicago until Tuesday night, so con comic will go up wednesday, interlude part 2 will go up Friday. But no update for Monday because I was getting everything ready and wasn’t able to work ahead quick enough ><



And so we’re done, that’s all folks! Hope you enjoyed the comic!

…Just kidding. But that is the end of this story arc (finally!). And also the next bit will be the final story arc! That’s right, MR will be ending. Though knowing me, getting there will probably take another two years to finish. But whatever!

Anyways, I’ll probably be moving on to an interlude-style comic filler thing for the next couple updates while we go through convention hell with Comic Con, Otakon, and Gencon. Be sure to swing by and say hi! I will have books and things!

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