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Sorry for delay!

So! The reason for the delay is that this page isn’t one page, but a double spread! So I had to work on both pages at the same time in order to get ‘em done! But on the plus side, that means that Monday’s page is totally done! Huzzah!

I’ll be cutting both pages together for Monday’s update, just figured that since there was stuff happening on the left it made sense to post it separately first.

Also I’ll be at the San Diego Comic Con next week! I’ll be in the exhibitor area, booth 1131. I’ll have book 4s and some new shirt designs! Super excited! ^^


Zawa Zawa!

So Brion has gotten kind of obsessed of this manga/anime series called Kaiji. It’s basically, for lack of a better way to describe it, as the Breaking Bad of anime. It’s basically about a guy who’s kind of a loser who racks up a huge gambling debt, and then has to participate in a series of humiliating life or death games in order to pay it off.

The word “zawa” is an onomatopoeia that basically is used to describe extreme tension or uneasiness. The author of Kaiji (and a similar manga, Akagi), uses this sound effect so much that in the anime, they actually made it a part of the soundtrack. And it’s a pretty phenomenal soundtrack.

I…just have a hard time watching the show, personally, however. Its incredibly tense and there aren’t really any likeable characters…additionally towards the end of the first season some of the episodes really begin to feel like 5 minutes left on Namek. BUT. If you really want a crazy tense anime that really makes you feel the life-or-death situations…Kaiji is totally for you. Personally, I really love and adore Liar Game for my fill of tense games.

In short, I wanted to put a lil’ nod to Kaiji because “Zawa” is so awesome.

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